Small Occupational Health Provider v Big Occupational Health Provider

Occupational Health Services Ltd is a small clinician-led OH provider…and we don’t hide the fact. People often associate the company size with its success, but let’s define success. In our eyes, success is ensuring our clients receive the highest quality OH services. We are in the business of providing our customers with the best possible OH advice. We believe that prioritising customer service, communication, flexibility and responsiveness is the best way to help support our clients navigate the complexities of their employee’s health and help build long-term relationships.

Our business has grown through recommendations and word of mouth referrals which is testimony to the quality of our teams’ knowledge and expertise. We have trusted relationships with fellow health providers that we can signpost customers’ onward should their case require follow up physio, EMDR, CBT or other therapies. Being connected makes us a better OH provider.

Close Relationships

One of the main criticisms we hear about big providers is not being able to communicate with the appropriate people in a timely fashion. Smaller providers have the ability to build closer relationships with their customers, to really listen to them to be able to fully understand the nature of their business, the culture and their unique challenges, and support them appropriately with a tailored approach.

Ease of Communication

Dealing with a smaller team makes communication more streamlined and straightforward and reduces the risk of miscommunication. You will most likely be speaking to the same people most of the time, hence no need for lengthy calls when explaining the background – we know your business! 


Smaller OH providers and smaller teams tend to be more agile and adaptable as decisions can be made more easily, without necessarily having to jump through hoops to get authorisation. We can adjust our services to meet your changing requirements and respond to unforeseen situations effectively.

Faster response times

To a SMALL provider you are a BIG customer, to a BIG provider you’ll be a SMALL customer. With fewer clients to manage, small providers are often able to respond more quickly to inquiries, requests and urgent needs.


With a smaller team, you would work with the same occupational health practitioners consistently, which leads to familiarity and trust between your managers, employees and the occupational health professional.

Whilst these benefits can be significant, it is essential to carefully evaluate potential providers to ensure they align with your organisation’s needs, goals and values. It is good to consider factors such as range of services offered, the provider’s reputation, their experience and provision of credible, highly trained, reliable occupational health practitioners, as well as their ability to accommodate your current and future needs. Make sure the fit is right for your business!

If you’re looking to investigate a new relationship with a small OH provider, please get in touch with us to find out why we are different.