Night worker health assessment

Night worker health assessment – Certificate available within 48 hours

The Working Time Regulations 1998 state that those defined as night workers need to be offered a health assessment before commencing night work and at regular intervals thereafter (usually annually).


Why do you need a health assessment for night work?

Working irregular hours and work patterns, can lead to disruption of the internal body clock, sleeping difficulties and fatigue. These factors may worsen some existing health conditions. Certain medications may also need to be taken on a strict timetable, which can be difficult when working at night. Therefore, the purpose of a Night Worker Health Assessment is to determine if an employee is medically fit to perform night work, has any health conditions that could be affected by working night shifts or requires any workplace adjustments or support to enable them to work night shifts.

What does it involve?

The assessment involves the employee completing a health questionnaire, which is then assessed by an occupational health (OH) professional. If further information is required, a telephone follow-up is required. A certificate will be completed identifying if the employee is fit for Night Work, and if any specific workplace adjustments are advised.