Occupational Health FAQs

Here you will find answers to the questions we most commonly get from our customers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

  • What is occupational health?+
    Occupational health is a specialist branch of medicine concerned with the health of staff in the workplace. The focus is on the impact of work on health, and the impact of health on work. The purpose is to keep employees well at work, prevent work-related ill-health, and advise on fitness for their role and adjustments that could help support them in their role.
  • What are the benefits of occupational health?+
    Occupational health gives staff and managers access to professional specialist advice to help protect, maintain and support staff with health issues in the workplace. Occupational health provides advice to keep you compliant with the relevant health and safety legislation, as well as the Equality Act (2010).

    Key conclusions from a 2022 Society of Occupational Medicine report identified the positive links between employee health and wellbeing to successful business performance. It indicated that highly effective companies will often have a culture and philosophy that values health, and that wellbeing strategies need to encompass the work environment, culture and interpersonal relationships.
  • What is the purpose of an occupational health assessment?+
    The purpose of an occupational health assessment is to understand the nature of an individual’s health condition to determine how it may affect their work, or be affected by their work. Specialist advice is given to managers on the implications of their health condition at work, their fitness for work, and any additional adjustments or support that could be put in place to help them remain at work safely, or return to work if they are off sick.
  • How do I book an appointment, test, assessment or a medical?+
    You can either complete our contact form or you can get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss booking an appointment, test, assessment or a medical. You can also phone us for general advice or to talk through a case to identify whether or not a referral is needed.

    To book a management referral, please complete and submit a management referral form and we will be in contact with the employee to book the appointment.
  • What is a DSE assessment?+
    A DSE risk assessment looks at the workstation set-up, the work equipment, the work design and working practices to identify any issues that may affect the individual’s health. For more information, please see our DSE Assessment page.
  • I am a manager, what is the occupational health referral process?+
    You will need to complete and submit a management referral form in the first instance and then we will arrange an appointment for the employee. For specific details on the occupational health referral process please see our guidance document. We also offer free telephone support and advice throughout the process.
  • I am an employee, why have I been referred for an occupational health assessment and what happens at the assessment? +
    There are many different reasons why an employee may be referred for an occupational health assessment so it is important that you ask your manager for clarity if you are unsure. The main reasons individuals are referred are for an understanding on how their medical condition affects their work, an understanding on whether work factors are contributing to the health condition, advice on fitness for work and advice on any adjustments that could be put in place to support them.

    The assessment is a confidential medical discussion about your health and your job. A report is produced to advise your manager on the implications of your health condition on your work and practical adjustments that could be put in place to support you at work. You have the right to see the report before it is sent to your organisation and the report cannot be sent to your organisation without your consent.

    For more information on the occupational health assessment, please click here. We also offer free telephone support and advice throughout the process.
  • I am an employee, why do I need certain tests?+
    As an employee, it’s crucial for you to remain safe at work, especially when performing tasks that can be particularly hazardous. Certain tests help identify if your health is being affected by work (e.g. a hearing test to determine if your hearing is being affected by too much noise at work), so will be done regularly as part of a health surveillance programme. Other tests may help determine whether you may have any undiagnosed or underlying health conditions that could affect your safety at work, or the safety of others at work (e.g. if you work in a safety—critical role, such as on the railways, highways, driving heavy plant). If you have any questions about why you need to undergo a certain test, please contact your manager for clarity.
  • What do the tests involve and why are they needed?+
    Please visit the relevant service page to find out more information on what the specific tests involve, why they are needed and when they are required.
  • How can we support mental health in the workplace?+
    Employers have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees at work, which includes from psychological hazards. At Occupational health Services, we can help support you with managing all aspects of mental health at work. For more information, please see our Mental Health Support page.
  • How easy is it to refer an employee for an occupational health assessment at OHS Ltd?+
    It is a simple and quick process. The manager completes a referral form, it's as easy as that. We then book the appointment directly with the employee and send the confirmation to you and the employee. We usually have appointments available within one week and reports are issued within 24-48 hours. We also offer free telephone support and advice throughout the process.
  • Why should I use Occupational Health Services Ltd?+
    We value quality at the heart of everything we do. We work in a collaborative way to help understand the needs of your business, and believe good communication is key to successful business relationships. We aim to provide you with comprehensive timely advice on your employees’ health and practical recommendations to help you support them in the best way possible, as well as fulfil your legal obligations. We understand that having an occupational health assessment may feel quite daunting for some people and we pride ourselves on our approachable and sensitive nature to put people at ease quickly whilst discussing their health with us.


I’ve known Debbie ever since I started my business over eight years ago. Whenever I’ve needed occupational health support, Debbie is right there for me. She has never let me down and everything she has done for me has been of the highest quality. Her professionalism and understanding of the subject is second to none and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her services to anyone that needs an occupational health service.

Stuart Falconer, HR Consultant, Morgan Thomson HR

I have worked with Debbie on a number of occasions and she has become my ‘go to’ occupational health advisor. She is both professional and pragmatic, builds a great rapport with employees and employers alike and produces reports in quick time. Quite simply, the best OH advisor I have worked with.

Jon Phillips, HR Consultant, Calium HR

SA Law has enlisted the expert assistance of Debbie Holder for occupational health support over a number of years on behalf of numerous clients. We have always found her to be approachable and helpful in what can often be very difficult circumstances for our clients. Her advice is timely, comprehensive and comes at a very reasonable fee when compared with a number of other occupational health providers. We would have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.

Chris Cook, Partner, Head of Employment and Data Protection, SA Law

Debbie is our trusted advisor for OH matters and we regularly refer our clients to her. Debbie’s approach means her advice and reporting is always clear and concise and has really helped our clients navigate some tricky situations. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Debbie and Occupational Health Services.

Chris Miles, Assistant Manager, People Solutions, Menzies LLP

I have used Occupational Health Services for a range of employee health matters. I find the service very responsive, flexible, medically sound and professional taking into consideration both the employees’ and employers’ situation. The reports are detailed to a high standard to allow the business to review possible support and the next steps with the employee and Occupational Health Services will always advise if a further assessment may be needed.

Leanne Taylor, HR Consultant, Beststart HR

After working with a variety of occupational health providers over the years, I have never worked so closely with a provider who genuinely cares about our colleagues but also about our business. Occupational Health Services Ltd understand our business and spend time to understand our colleagues too. They are always at the end of a phone to give advice, support and give confidence to colleagues working with them for the best outcomes for all.

Linsay Baverstock, People Partner, Settle Group

Debbie has been assisting us with all of our OH needs since 2015 and I can honestly say nothing is too much trouble, quick turnaround if needed, with excellent professional assessments and advice given. Would recommend.

Michelle Bolino, Head of HR, Selectaglaze Ltd, St Albans

Occupational Health Services Ltd has greatly assisted many of my clients and their staff in assessing health issues and providing helpful guidance on road maps to improved health and attendance.

Philip Delafield, HR Consultant, Delafield Consulting ltd

We have worked with Occupational Health Services Ltd for eight years now and the service Debbie has provided has been excellent. She always responds to us within a few hours and is very accommodating to our needs. We feel really confident that our employees will have a positive experience with Debbie, even at a time when perhaps they are not positive themselves. As an employer with a relatively lean head count, we do not feel compromised or exposed with the advice Debbie provides to employees, and instead, take real benefit about how best to return employees to full health in the workplace. Would highly recommend.

Pete Howitt, HR Director, ADR Network