Free telephone support and advice

We want to remove the complexities of an occupational health assessment so we offer free telephone advice to support both employers and employees throughout the referral process. With us – Everything is included!

We offer employers advice on how to manage employees with specific health issues at work, where possible, to prevent the cost of a referral. We can speak with you before you make a referral, guide you through the referral process, and explain how to complete the referral form to ensure that you get the best out of the referral. This complimentary service can also include a discussion regarding the contents of the report afterwards.

Employees often worry about being referred for an occupational health assessment, as they don’t always know what to expect or the purpose of the assessment. We can speak with your employee to explain fully the purpose of the appointment and put them at ease. We will reassure them around the confidentiality aspects as well.

At OHS Ltd, we provide invaluable support throughout the whole process giving you and your employees peace of mind at all stages. To access this service, please call 07842 245450